National Park overview

We know that there are many places in the world with extreme habitat which sometimes look quite harmless and friendly, but it is hardly possible to say something similar about Lake Natron. Trying to describe it in lively colors, soon only such epithets come to mind as an alien, bloody and lifeless, that is partly true. But as they say, all depends on the perspective. Conversely, for someone this place gives a chance of survival


It is here that one of the largest colonies of pink flamingos equips their nests on small salt islands, without fear to be disturbed by predators. One of the distinguishing features of these birds which allowed them to survive as a specie and increase their population, is that they gather only in the most remote places: until 1950 bird watchers did not even know about the existence of colonies of flamingos.

Interesting facts

When seeking for the photos of Lake Natron, very often you can find images of petrifaction of birds which had been mummified in these nature conditions. These works belong to the photograph named Nick Brandt, whose activity is dedicated to the shooting of the wild nature of the East Africa. Surely, these scenes were posed, birds were sit down on branches to make beautiful photos. You will not see the same at Natron. The same is for the pictures of the red lake which spots can be seen from a bird's-eye view.